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Sports equipment and clubs

The following sports are traditionally popular in Targovishte – football, motoring, wrestling, table– tennis, rifle practice, eurhythmics and others.

Sports equipments

• Open-air pool, “Parka” area, the municipality of Targovishte, size 50m х 20m

• Open-air pool “Borovo Oko” area, the municipality of Targovishte, size 50m х 20m

• Workers sport complex – Targovishte
The sport complex is built over a territory of 59 000 sq. m and disposes of:

  • Halls for basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis –court
  • Football playground – it needs to be reconstructed
  • Racing path for track-and-field athletics
  • Court playground for handball and tennis
  • Sauna

 Complex “Nedelcho Kamov”- town of Targovishte. It disposes of:

  • Football playground
  • Court football playground (handball)
  • Hall for table-tennis
  • Hall for box and wrestling

• Stadium “Dimitar Burkov” - town of Targovishte:

  • Football terrain (the official stadium of the professional football club “Svetkavitsa”)
  • Racing path for track-and-field athletics
  • Pool

• Training Centre Complex - town of Targovishte:

  • Wrestling hall
  • Hall for rifle practice
  • Hall for eurhythmics and gymnastics
  • Hall for levers and force training
  • Tennis and handball court
  • Basketball playground (asphalt)
  • Tunnel for shooting with battle pistol
  • Racing path for rollers

• Tennis court site in the residential quarter “Zapad 1” - asphalt, Targovishte

• Sports hall “Dechko Stephanov” - Targovishte:

  • Basketball, volleyball and handball halls (the corridors and the changing-rooms are under repair)
  • Chess playing hall

• Motoring stadium– Targovishte:

  • Hall for shooting with battle weapon
  • Motoring race.

Sports clubs

• Football club “Svetkavitsa”

• Eurhythmics club “Alegro”

Last updated: 15.03.2005