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Tourist sightseeing

The cultural and historical heritage is little known, but nevertheless surprisingly rich. The region has been inhabited since hoary antiquity. Remnants of settlements from the Neolith (6 000 years B.C.) have been found. Later archeological findings give evidence for the civilization of the Thracians and the Roman. In ХVІІ century Targovishte already became centre of the most famous fair in the European part of the Ottoman Empire. The following findings are of a particular interest – the eneolithic religious prehistoric scene from the village of Ovcharovo, the Thracian golden treasure from the village of Kralevo (ІІІ century B.C.). The tourists could also visit the Byzantine basilica near the village of Draganovets, the ancient town of Misionis (Krumovo Kale). The abundance of ruins in the region of Derventa passage brings us back to Mediaeval Bulgaria and Byzantium. The old living quarter of Targovishte called Varosha is impregnated by the romance of the years of the Bulgarian National Revival.

The unique combination of natural resources and climate, historical and cultural sightseeing turns the municipality of Targovishte into an attractive destination for domestic and international tourism.

Last updated: 15.03.2005