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About Targovishte

The lands of Targovishte municipality keep the vestiges of the material culture of different tribes and people. Up to now more than 40 archeological sites from the eras of prehistory, antiquity and the Middle Ages have been investigated.

The strategic position of the town turns it into a natural crossroad of important roads of military and trade significance, connecting the Danube ports and the central part of the country with the Black Sea as well as Dobroudja with Thrace (through the Balkan chain). This is the reason why all historical eras and cultures have left traces on these lands.

The traditional Spring Fair of Targovishte (the so called Eskidjumajski Fair) still continues the tradition of being the biggest regional and national fair in the North-Eastern Bulgaria. This tradition dates more than two centuries back.

Last updated: 15.03.2005